Welcome To Al Waab Farm - by Judith Forbis April 2019

There is a saying that "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moment that takes our breath away." Anyone visiting Al Waab Farm will find that saying to be true after watching the breathtaking collection of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses acquired and bred by this farm.


History was made when Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani, who admired the Classic Arabian Horse, purchased Ansata Halim Shah in 1995 as a gift for HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Amir of Qatar, for his Al Shaqab Stud. Ten years ago Sheikh Abdulla decided to build his own farm, he named it Al Waab Farm. Just like the renowned breeder the Abbas Pasha, at whatever the cost he began acquiring the finest straight Egyptian Arabians from around the world as foundation blood-stock.  


His son Sheikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al Thani also had a passion for Arabian Horses since a very small child, and over time he gradually developed a practiced eye, studied the blood-lines and knew what he wanted Al Waab Farm to achieve in Type and Quality. As manager of the farm, Sheikh Ahmed has developed a breeding program in the past 10 years that already surpasses some of the greatest Arabian breeding farms in history.


The archetype of the Arabian Horse has evolved in this century beyond what-ever I expected. Al Waab Farm has taken the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse to an extraordinary level in an amazingly short period of time. Let us take a deep breath, close our eyes and picture what the next ten years and beyond will hold for this incredible farm.

It is my opinion that with Sheikh Ahmed holding the reins the future is very bright with promise.

Al Waab farm is situated in Qatar just 70 km north of Doha City.

The farm is a beautiful desert oasis of lush green pastures, plants, trees and lakes. It is home to many different species of wild animals, bird-life and of course the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. 

Al Waab in English means the "Lowlands" and is owned by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Bin Hamed Al Thani. Having noticed an incredibly old Samr tree that had grown strongly in the desert, Sheikh Abdulla new it was a land of not only true beauty but fruitful potential. This tree soon became the symbol of the farm and is for which the logo was designed.

Now, together with his family, he has created an incredible sanctuary for people and wildlife alike.

It is 'The Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse' that truly captures Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Bin Hamad's heart, as it does for one of his son's Sheikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Thani who is responsible for the Straight Egyptian breeding program. 

Both Sheikh Abdulla and Sheikh Ahmed are extremely passionate about the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. This unique breed represents less than 4% of the total Arabian horse population, and as caretakers of the breed, it has become their objective to spread awareness, educate and support the smaller breeders to ensure the Straight Egyptian Arabian is here for many years to come. 

We look forward to sharing with you the Straight Egyptians Arabians of Al Waab Farm.