Alwaab Original Music.

Al Waab Farm Music - by Ahmed Saatoot.

What started as a discussion in our first meeting about the construction of this new site, turned into a musical masterpiece. Sheikh Ahmed is friends with Ali Al-Khalosi and Taheer Matloub who frequently visit the farm, Ali and Taheer co-directed the music for the site along with the help of Sheikh Ahmed who has a great love of the arts, and music is a very important part of his life.


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Sheikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Thani


Ahmad Satoot


Taher Matloub & Ali Al-Khalosi

Sound Engineering

Ramy Solimaan

Oud Solo

Ali Al-Khalosi

Flute Solo

Jihoon Shin


Sama Soliman


Mahmoud Osman, Hany Fouda, Karim Fouda,  Mohamed Hamdy, Mohamed Atef Emam, Samir Rashad, Ashraf Ragab, Mohamed Refaat, Wael Rezk, Khalid Owaida, Mostafa Zaki,

Tamer Kamal, Shehab Hassan, Ahmed Kamal Salah, Yasser Ghonim, Shady Elian, Mostafa Dagher, Lotfy Abaza, Karim Wagdy.


Karim Fouda, Mohamed Hamdy, Mostafa Zaky Mohamed Atef Emam.


Ayman el Hanboly, Khalid Dagher, Mahmoud Salih, Yehia Mahdy


Ahmad Satoot

Composer of the music "Al Waab" 

Ali Al Khalosi

Ali not only co-directed the music "Al Waab" but also played the Oud solo.


Taher Matloub


Taher co-directed the Music along with Ali Khalosi, he also participated in the strings section of the orchestra.


Jihoon Shin

Solo Violinist from South Korea, Qatar Phiharmonic Orchestra.