Shiekh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al Thani

Sheikh Ahmed is not only a breeder he is an accomplished horseman, and even though the Straight Egyptian Arabian is his true passion, he has always had a love for all horses.

Having competed in equestrian sports including show jumping, his hands-on approach to an understanding of horses has helped him a great deal in not only the selection of foundation breeding stock but also in the breeding choices made, which has made Al Waab Farm what it is today.

Like his father, Sheikh Ahmed has a keen business mind and his attention to detail and pursuit for excellence allowed him to develop a breeding program second to none. After seeking advice from his uncle Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Thani and with the help of his cousin Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulaziz Al Thani he searched the world for the best straight Egyptian foundation stock he could find to commence the breeding program. Ten years and three generations on he is proud to present to the world Al Waab Farm. 

However, this is still just the beginning for Al Waab Farm and Sheikh Ahmed’s dream. His love for the Arabian horse will continue to grow strong, and the breeding program will go from strength to strength with horses that need to be seen to be believed.

Sheikh Ahmed riding Shamaal Al Waab.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al Thani tells the story of Al Waab Farm